Cleaning up the scrap room

When your scrap room serves as additional storage space in an already too small house, you soon find out that you have nowhere to work on your scrap books! That is what has happened to me over the past several months. Now I am working on correcting that!
I have spent the better part of several days over the past couple of weeks cleaning out my scrap room and moving things out that do not relate to my scrapbooking, but I still have a little work to do!
I have been fortunate in having sufficient space for most of my ‘stuff’, but I am now looking for creative ideas for storage of my paper scraps. I presently have them in a large plastic bin, smaller scraps are in a drawer, and I have some stored in plastic bags! Yes, I have a TON of scraps. I would love to hear from anyone who has a good suggestion, maybe even share a photo or two, of how your scraps are stored.
I do plan to use some of my smaller scraps and punch out shapes that I know I will eventually use. Those I will store in small zipper bags, labelled of course!
I’m always on the lookout for creative storage ideas, especially for my scrap room. Since it is going to be so cold tomorrow I believe I will spend the day working in there, and hopefully have a whole new room when I finish!! With a little luck, I may even get to work on some pages!!
I hope to share some photos!!


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